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Termite, dry rot, and fungus damage: Wood repair throughout Los Angeles

Even a small colony of termites can, and will, consume preposterous amounts of wood. In a matter of months, termites can destroy a lot of your property’s wooden structure and the damage remains long after the termites are gone. You can rely on Woody’s Termite Control to eradicate the termites that threaten your property as well as make repairs to any damage that has been done.

Termite damage leaves your property vulnerable to other harmful elements, such as moisture and rot. The longer you go without repairing damaged areas, the longer other elements have to cause further damage. Don’t risk the integrity of your property. Get fast and effective termite wood damage repair throughout Los Angeles from Woody’s Termite Control.

Dry rot is softened wood caused by moisture is not only unsightly, but harmful to the integrity of the structure of your home. Fungus will also grow from the spores in the wood that is exposed to moisture over a period of time. This wood should be repaired or replaced depending upon the damage and location.

We have over 35 years of combined experience in termite removal and wood repair, so we know what it takes to get your property termite, dry rot and fungus free and back to normal. Call today to speak with a local professional about remediating the wood damage done to your home or business.