#1 Homewrecker in California? Termites.

Call for termite inspection and extermination in Los Angeles, North Hollywood, Santa Clarita, & Pasadena, CA and the greater Los Angeles area

Every year, termites feed on hundreds of thousands of homes and cause millions of dollars in damages. To prevent your home from becoming another termite statistic, rely on the professionals at Woody's Termite Control inLos Angeles, North Hollywood, Santa Clarita, & Pasadena, CA and the greater Los Angeles area.

Woody's Termite Control is founded on over 35 years of combined experience and has been eradicating termites from local homes and businesses for over eight years. We perform accurate, detailed inspections and recommend the best ways to rid your property of termites and keep them from coming back. To protect your real estate investment from the number one homewrecker in America, call Woody's Termite Control today.

Get Residential and Commercial Termite Control

Termite control and removal in Los Angeles, North Hollywood, Pasadena, CA and throughout Los Angeles

Termites don't care where their next meal comes from. That's why Woody's Termite Control offers service for owners of residential and commercial properties throughout Los Angeles (throughout the San Fernando Valley, West Side through the beach cities). After performing a thorough inspection, we'll apply the best method to fully rid your property of termites and prevent future threats.

We specialize in termite fumigation for complete eradication into unseen areas.  For property owners who would like an alternative to the gas treatment, heat applications to specific areas can also be effective. Subterranean treatments require a specialized local treatment that will fill their tubing and eliminate further destruction. Call today to request your termite inspection and have a termite professional recommend the best treatment for your property.

Repair the Damage That Has Been Done

Repairing the wood damage from termites, dry rot, & fungus in Los Angeles, North Hollywood, & Pasadena, CA

Many property owners do not notice they have a termite problem until at least some damage has been done. If your home or business in the Los Angeles has been gnawed at by termites, or you begin to see softened wood, you can rely on Woody’s Termite Control to eradicate the infestation and make any necessary repairs (replacing or repairing the wood damage).

Don't let termites win the battle. Call Woody's Termite Control for termite inspections, control and wood repair in Los Angeles, North Hollywood, & Pasadena, CA. Termites will be sorry you did.

We are compliant with the EPA's lead-based paint Renovation, Repair and Painting Program (RRP).

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