Show Those Termites You Mean Business

Termite inspection and control in Los Angeles, North Hollywood, Santa Clarita, & Pasadena, CA and the greater Los Angeles area

Termites eat up to three percent of their body weight daily and colonies can easily reach into the thousands – which means they can make quick work on your home. Each day these little buggers go unchecked will result in more of your property being eaten away. Don’t let them eat you into the ground – call Woody’s Termite Control for fast and effective termite control services throughout Los Angeles, CA (including all parts of Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley and along the coast).

Rely on Woody’s Termite Control to fully inspect your property for termites and recommend the best treatment for your situation. Call today to see how Woody’s Termite Control can eradicate your termite problem and prevent future ones with:

• Fumigation treatments – treats the entire property by exposing termites to gas
• Heat treatments – blows heat to specific areas, killing termites and eggs
• Microwave treatments - heats wood directly to quickly and effectively kill termites and eggs
• Soil treatments – injects pesticide into the soil to kill subterranean colonies an prevent future infestations

Your inspection fee goes toward any termite control services needed. Schedule your inspection today for the quickest, most effective termite control services around.